Léon arrives in Amsterdam !

As a major European capital, Amsterdam has become one of Europe’s main platforms for economic activity as well as a European air hub!


It therefore made sense, as part of our plan to pursue international growth, for Léon to set up in this location, for obvious logistical reasons, but also to allow us to be closer to our customers who are also established there.


The move is in line with our European growth, after our arrival in Geneva more than ten years ago – another essential strategic decision given the direct access offered by this Swiss metropolis for our various trips, whether departing for Europe or the rest of the world.


Ultimately our goal is to optimise our marketing policy when it comes to business tourism, as well as to strengthen our organisation and build our European presence through strategic locations.


Léon is currently finalising the recruitment of a team of event designers in the Dutch subsidiary for the opening of our creative workshop on 15 September 2020, located just 15 minutes from the city centre.


The entire team looks forward to welcoming you to discuss your future events.

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