27/09     Crush of the moment

Lugano… Woah, let’s go tomorrow!

A journey between lake and mountain !

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21/07     News

Focus: Brand Activation

Trust Léon to take care of your product launch!

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08/07     Crush of the moment

Epicurean roadtrip & Italian flavors

Discover Italy with a roadtrip with authentic flavors ! Take the country roads and live a unique experience !

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27/04     Crush of the moment

Get together and communicate with colorful conventions !

Live a unique experience by taking advantage of a lively scenography and be an actor of the moment thanks to...

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15/04     News

Boost your team cohesion with Léon’s digital activities

In order to develop your team cohesion and create links between employees, Léon organizes remote activities or even hybrid activities...

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12/02     Crush of the moment

It’s raining eggs !

If you need to spread the word about a brand or a product, feel free to get in touch so...

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18/01     News

Léon’s Digilife …

We now have the technical means, the professional skills and the qualified teams to successfully digitise your project, your event...

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14/12     News

Léon arrives in Amsterdam !

As a major European capital, Amsterdam has become one of Europe’s main platforms for economic activity as well as a...

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17/11     Crush of the moment

Brand New! Léon’s birth story…

The story begins more than 15 years ago within the Cameleon Organisations group, which was already celebrating nearly 23 years’...

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