Appealing to human emotion

Appealing to human emotion, creating ties and finding meaning have been part of Léon’s core beliefs for fifteen years!

At Léon, we listen to you, we share our respective ideas, we exchange our points of view, and we take a step back to find the right questions to ask. We challenge each other, before creating, planning and organising events in a personalised way, while never losing focus, to ensure that your objectives are met.

But above all, Léon creates unforgettable experiences, that serve as catalysts for communication and management tools.

Meticulously focused on every stage !

A range of tailored services …

Unite and communicate

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Celebrate and reward

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Travel and explore

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Activate and digitise

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Unify and motivate

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Léon is ...

These values, aside from the convictions they represent for the team, are what drive our work every day. They are part of Léon’s DNA, as well as a working guide shared and respected by all employees.

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27/09     Crush of the moment

Lugano… Woah, let’s go tomorrow!

A journey between lake and mountain !

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21/07     News

Focus: Brand Activation

Trust Léon to take care of your product launch!

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08/07     Crush of the moment

Epicurean roadtrip & Italian flavors

Discover Italy with a roadtrip with authentic flavors ! Take the country roads and live a unique experience !

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