If you need to spread the word about a brand or a product, feel free to get in touch so we can co-create your event or your launch campaign, and develop an original, fun and participatory activity that your employees are unlikely to forget !


Our latest original idea is to provide your audience with eggs, carefully prepared by us. To start, the eggs are thrown altogether at a wall specifically designed for this purpose, which our teams prepare in advance and of which “only we” hold the secret.

The wall then reveals your brand, your logo, or even a new product.


Everything is customisable : size, colours, location, etc.


By actively involving your clients or employees, this reveal is a huge highlight and never fails to unite your guests.

It is a fantastic communication and marketing tool with an original, surprising and creative approach, bringing people together and creating memories for all.

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27/09     Crush of the moment

Lugano… Woah, let’s go tomorrow!

A journey between lake and mountain !

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21/07     News

Focus: Brand Activation

Trust Léon to take care of your product launch!

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08/07     Crush of the moment

Epicurean roadtrip & Italian flavors

Discover Italy with a roadtrip with authentic flavors ! Take the country roads and live a unique experience !

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